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Glad You're Livin CD Cover

music note
Ain't You Glad You're Still Livin'
Disc 1
Every Life is Meant for Living, Mary Maker Magic, Remenber The Good, Ride This Road, I Won't Miss You, My Sweet Lady, Having Each Other Around Take Time to Love, Lovin' and Livin' Everday, Freedom to Stay, When You Wish Upon a Star, Sea of Dreams, What a Wonderful World, The Flower That Shattered the Stone, Heartlight, The Rainbow Connection, The Wish, Someday, Dreamland, Kaleidescope,
I'll Catch the Sun, Simple Gifts, The Single Man
Disc 2
Some of Them Fall,  Lonesome Cities,
The Hotel Room,  All The Beautiful Strangers, I'm Strong But I Like Roses,
Listen to the Warm, The Girls of Summer, To Watch The Trains, I'm Not Afraid, I Think of You, Sunshine Fields of Love, From Way Up Here, The Old Man at The Fair, Downtown, Goodbye Girl, Every Passing Moment, For Emily, Golden Under The Sun Everybody's Wrong, Until It's Time for You To Go, Roads
Disc 3
The French Girl, Tomorrow Is a Long Time, Gently Here Besides Me, Worry is a Rocking Chair, Comes and Goes, Pleasures of the Harbor, Crucifixion, Never Let Her Go, Sometimes Half a World Away, Where Does Love Go, An Island of the Mind, Ring of Bright Water What the World Needs Now, It's Gonna Be Fine, Down in the Jungle, I Hate to See the Sun Go Down, Only Love, Island in the Water, Some Trust in Chariots, Happy Birthday to Me
Disc 4
Times Gone By, Stanyon Street, The Warm and Gentle Girls, Humming Bird, No One to Talk My Troubles To, When Summer Ends, The Happy Whistler, Matte Down A Young Girl, More I Can Not Wish You, The Music of the World a Turning, The Summers Long, One Day Soon How Deep is Down, Rose Me and My Dog Blue, Where Are You Going With The Rain, The Things Men Do,  Wisconsin, The Greatest Adventure, Bend Down and Touch Me